" Through the years Yuval has proven himself to be an open minded, knowledgeable, hard working and thorough  
            engineer. We have often discussed design ideas and his sound fundamentals have been invaluable.  Yuval has
            always had a strong work ethic and commitment.  On many weekend and evenings we have exchanged emails
            when the situation called for an immediate solution. I very much respect Yuval’s opinion and have trust in his
            judgement. I would without any reservation recommend Yuval to you.  He would be a tremendous asset in any
            company. "
            Alex Douglas, P.E.
            IAQ Department Manager

        " Yuval was hired to design a complex temperature/timer controller for our DragonAire HVSA oven.
            The project was taken through the design, prototyping and testing stages to the ready for production
            stage. Yuval became very dedicated to the project and as a result the final product has performed
            extremely well. I am pleased to recommend Yuval to anyone requiring his skills ... "
            Cory Padula
            Owner, Dragonaire Ovens

        “Yuval was my chief engineer for several contract projects I was managing. We brought him into the team because his
            extensive experience designing medical equipment, motherboards, and numerous other projects provided us with a
            skill set we could not find in-house. His best contribution to any project was his thorough attention to detail
            which has saved us embarrassment numerous times. I highly rate Yuval's work and plan to use him again for
            engineering design. ”
            Thomas Sternberg, Design Engineer