Circuit Board Design from $695

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To take advantage of this service, you should already have a circuit drawing, a parts list and information about mechanical restrictions of the circuit board (board shape, mounting holes locations, etc.). The information may be in the form of scans of hand-drawings, photos or text files. TXT, DOCX, XSLX, JPG, PDF or DXF file formats are best.

If you do not have sufficient design information, please see our
services page.
Please contact us by e-mail or use the contact form below to receive more information.

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There is no obligation on your part and no cost incurred until you receive and accept our quote.

Schematics Drawing - from $349
You will get:
  • Schematics source files
  • Library source file
  • Schematic drawing in pdf format
  • Bill of materials
  • Data sheets
To qualify for the $349 price, the design must comply with the following conditions:
  • 1-2 schematics pages.
  • 20 parts or less.
  • 100 connections (nets) or less.
  • Parts list supplied and does not require additional research.
  • Parts documentation supplied or readily available.
  • Schematics drawing supplied and does not require additional research (hand drawing OK).
  1. We will gladly quote on design jobs that exceed these specifications.

Circuit board (PCB) layout - From $249
You will get:
  • Layout source files
  • Production files (gerber, drill, paste, xy)
To qualify for the $249 price, the design must comply with the following conditions:
  • 20 parts or less.
  • Parts can be hand-soldered. No BGAs, naked dies or packages smaller than 0603.
  • 100 connections (nets) or less.
  • 0-2 planes (usually ground or ground and one power).
  • Design rules limited to short traces, good grounding and basic heat dissipation.
  • All design rules, design restrictions and mechanical requirements specified in details.
  • Parts library and schematics source files supplied or already created by us.
  1. We will gladly quote on design jobs that exceed these specifications.
  2. If you have questions concerning the design rules, please contact us.

5 prototype boards - From $99
You will get:
  • Bare boards (no parts)
  • Visual inspection
To qualify for the $99 price, the board must comply with the following conditions:
  • FR-4 material (no aluminum, no flexible boards).
  • 100mm x 100mm (4in. x 4in.) or less.
  • 1-2 layers with solder mask and silk screen on one or both sides.
  • 1.6 mm (1/16in/) thick.
  • 1 oz. copper.
  • HASL finish, no gold plating.
  • 0.006in. minimum trace width, 0.006in. minimum trace separation.
  • 0.4mm (0.016in.) minimum drill holes.
  • All holes are through-holes (no blind vias).
  • No controlled impedance, castellation or V-score.
  • Gerber and drill files supplied unless we designed the PCB.
  • No manual connectivity test or footprint verification.
  1. We will gladly supply boards that do not conform to the minimum specifications. Please contact us for cost and delivery information.
  2. Additional boards may be ordered for an additional fee. Volume discounts depend on board specifications. Please contact us for cost and delivery information.
  3. We will gladly quote on on additional test and verification work.

Boards assembly - From $25 per board
You will get:
  • Soldered Boards
  • Visual inspection
$25 pays for a board with the following specifications:
  • 20 parts or less.
  • 100 solder points or less.
  • No BGA packages or naked dies.
  • No parts smaller than 0603 package.
  1. All parts supplied. We can procure parts for an extra fee.
  2. BOM and assembly diagram supplied unless the board was designed by us.
  3. $100 minimum order.
  4. Boards exceeding the specifications may be assembled for a higher per-board fee.
  5. We will gladly discuss and quote functional testing of the boards.

All prices in Canadian dollars and exclude taxes and delivery costs.

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  2. If you are ready to request a quote, please fill the information below. In order to quote, we need, at the very least, a hand-drawn schematics with all the part numbers and a mechanical drawing or equivalent information about the board's size and mechanical features. Please choose the file (if more than one file, please compress in ZIP or RAR format) and click Submit.
  3. We will examine the information you provided and e-mail you back within 2 business days. We may ask for more information or give you a quote.
  4. If you accept our quote, please let us know by e-mail. Acceptance must be followed by an advance payment as detailed in the quote.
  5. We will commence work on the project once we recieve your acceptance and payment. We will advise you of the project's progress in regular e-mails, as explained in the quote.
  6. Please feel free contact us by phone 1-604-243-7458 or e-mail
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