Electronic Device Development Services
We design and prototype electronic hardware, firmware and supporting software on contract basis.

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circuit board (PCB) design services

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Electronic Hardware Development - Circuit Design
  • Assessment and documentation of concept or legacy design.
  • High-level (block diagram) system design.
  • Detailed hardware design.
  • Schematics capture, wiring diagrams, bill of materials and unit cost analysis.

Electronic Hardware Development - Circuit Board Development
  • Assessment of mechanical constraints and electrical design rules.
  • Circuit board (PCB) layout.
  • 3D model of the board (with parts).
  • Production-ready CAM files set.
  • Fabrication and assembly of prototyping boards.
  • Prototype and test of the design.

Electronic Device Development - Firmware and supporting Software*
  • Assessment of firmware and supporting software requirements.
  • High level (block diagram) system design.
  • Write and simulation of firmware and supporting software.
  • Integration and debug of the firmware and supporting software.
  • Documentation of design tests.

* Firmware is the program running in the micro-controller chip on the circuit board.
  Supporting software runs on a regular computer and communicates with the circuit board.

House Specialty - Custom Controller Boards for Machinery
  • Motors, heaters, hydraulic and lighting control.
  • Industrial, automotive, agricultural and building control applications.
  • Internet-based data logging and control (IoT).
  • Custom local user interface (keypad, touch screen, indicators).
  • Telemetry, control and proprietary networking by radio.

Circuit Board Production Support
  • Design and prototyping a production test jig (hardware and software).
  • Production CAM files (gerber, drill, pick and place, paste, BOM).
  • Production instructions and notes.

Regulatory Compliance Support
  • Preparing and escorting your product through FCC and safety certification.
  • Design for regulatory compliance (EMC, insulation, built-in redundancy).
  • Risk management and analysis documents.

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