Printed Circuit Board Design
Our PCB design service may include any or all of the following: schematics capture, parts library design, PCB layout, 3D mechanical modeling, bill of materials (BOM), fabrication and assembly of prototype boards. We tailor our service to your needs and requirements.
Cost Conscious Design
We design your boards to take advantage of standard price breaks and special offers from the fabrication house without compromising performance .

Experience, Care and Integrity
Our lead designer is a qualified electronics engineer with 25 years experience. The service includes review of the circuit and parts, carefully reasoned placement and routing and thorough checks of the layout and Gerber files prior to fabrication.

Free initial consultation and quote
For a free quote, please fill the contact form below. Please call us at 604-243-7458 or e-mail to get fast answers from a seasoned PCB designer.

                Circuit Board

Why choose us to design your board?
  • Our lead designer is a qualified engineer with 25 years experience in all aspects of hardware and software design.
  • We are a lean operation: our hourly shop rate is C$65 (US$55 outside Canada).
  • We respond quickly and deliver fast.
  • We provide well rounded advice and straight explanations.
  • We go the extra mile to make sure your board works.
  • All our work is done in Canada.

What Type of Printed Circuit Boards Can You Design?
We designed boards for RF circuits, power applications, high-speed digital and low-level analog signal processing. We designed boards from 2 to 12 layers for medical, industrial and consumer electronic devices.

Do you provide 3D models for the boards?
We provide 3D models for the boards we design. The models are native to Autodesk Fusion 360 and available in DXF, DWG, IGES, F3D, SKP and STL formats.

What Software Packages Do You Use?
We have a lot of experience with PADS, OrCAD, Protel, P-CAD and Eagle.

What About Fabrication and Assembly?
We use several PCB fabrication houses in the US, Canada and China which we came to trust. We do our prototype, reworks and pilot production assembly in-house. If you have already made your choice, we would work with the fabrication and assembly facilities of your choice.

We can also help you with
  • High level (block diagram) system design.
  • Detailed circuit design.
  • Parts sourcing and unit price estimates.
  • Embedded software (firmware) write and debug.
  • Design of test fixtures for production.
  • Documentation of the design, prototyping and production process.

Contact Form
  1. If you have questions or need us to sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA) first, please provide your contact details and request below. We respond to all queries within 2 business days.
  2. If you are ready to request a quote, please fill the information below and click Submit. In order to quote, we need, at the very least, a hand-drawn schematics with all the part numbers. Please specify mechanical and electrical design constraints if you are aware of any. Design rules and constraints added later may result in increased cost and extended delivery dates.
  3. We will examine the files and e-mail you back within 2 business days. We may ask for more information, or give you a quote.
  4. If you accept our quote, please let us know by e-mail. Acceptance must be followed by an advance payment as detailed in the quote.
  5. We will commence work on the project once we recieve your acceptance and payment. We will advise you of the project's progress in regular e-mails, as explained in the quote.
  6. Please feel free contact us by phone 1-604-243-7458 or e-mail
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